Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We may have heard about some flowers which blossom at 10:00 am or 04:00 pm, but amazing flower blossoms when the

muazzin (who calls Muslims to pray) starts the Azan (holy verses of muazzin for calling to pray), the yellow flower when the muazzin starts the ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR its beautiful yellow petals begin to blossom and twinkle till the Azan ends.

This mind-blowing incident was found in a big garden of Mammad Rahim Eldarow from Asarbaijan blossoming five times each day. So, it's known as Azan Flower. Scientists couldn't find any scientific process in it, says that it was a species of herbaceous plants, also known as 'Evening Primrose' or 'Suncaps' or 'Sundrops' and identify it's origin may be from America. Researchers had tested with other songs and poems like Azan, but, it couldn't work without Azan

This is a core example for some verses of the Quran refer to all things on earth perform prayer for Allah and makes more excitement in Islam's opponents.


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