How to avoid masturbation?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Masturbation is taking pleasure in ourselves by using hands or other things for the temporary release of semen. It may often arrive in ejaculation. Excessive masturbation causes many health and mental problems including depression and lack of interest.

Ways to stop masturbation

We can avoid masturbation by taking precise actions. Here are some most important models commonly informed by psychologists and doctors.


Staying alone makes zeal to do many types of secret activities. It will force us to see or think of bad things. So, being among friends, families, and other relatives won't drag into masturbation. Such going down to the market and playing with friends is a better way to escape from loneliness. But, connecting alone via Facebook, Twitter, and other digital applications is no more comfortable.


Having a habit of seeing it is the core reason for excessive masturbation. Due to that, Google prohibited many websites and applications for eradicating crimes and problems. However, such websites and apps aren't less on the internet. Compared to America, studies say that forty million people visited many types of such websites daily, 35% of internet downloads were related to it and, 34% of internet users had experience in several links, ads, and other activities related to it.


When we are busy anytime, we will forget to do many determined activities. The purpose of 'staying busy' is to engage in any subtle activities like cooking or cutting. At the time, no one won't forget such thoughts. Making a suitable timetable including many useful works like exercise, playing, and praying is good to stop all addictions and defeat the tops in life.


Exercise is natural way and useful for many health and mental problems. It destroys useless fats, increased weight, and many diseases. You can stop masturbation by doing exercise daily. How? It is an effective way to reduce tension and think positively. Due to swimming, jogging, and studying martial arts, we will become happy and ready to be active among people. So, we won't sit alone.


Meditation is a practice focusing on a particular object, thought, or activity to control the mind by clearing thoughts. Whenever you meditate, breathe deeply, and appear badness effects of masturbation in your mindset. Daily doing it will help you to reduce masturbation.


If you cannot stop by following the above rules, the only way to choose is to approach a therapist or psychologist. They can help you to control by experiencing special activities and medicines.

The medicines for it is available even on the internet.


If you have a role model, you will follow his\her fashions, models, attitudes, words, etc. It will help you to reduce masturbation addiction when you think it isn't from his\her behaviors.

Surveys specify that 74% of people in the world have particular role models. Some may be religious leaders, or some may be actors and actresses.


As we read first, masturbation is taking pleasure in ourselves when we didn't get a mate. But, anyone got a mate, he will control masturbation without knowing. So, marriage is the best way to control masturbation. There aren't any medicines most useful than marriage.

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