Updated: Apr 27, 2021


Sometimes, mocking others for your excessive fat and increased weight will have made you more depressed and unhappy. so, here is some valuable wisdom to reduce body fat and weight naturally without the need for tablets and pills.

Before that, we have to understand the defects of the fat weighty body. a fat man cannot do his needs and necessaries happily, how long he always wants other's help. the over fat in the body-

* diminishes liver functions

* makes high blood pressure

* increases high blood sugar

* merits high cholesterol

* is defective for hormones

* causes heart diseases

* causes bone diseases like aura pain

these are not only horrible for fat persons, but also all. because all bodies have fat. it can't be defined only while looking to body size and weight.

So, fat decreasing is necessary for a good life. I am going to describe it in three steps. The first one is exercise. exercise is a better and cheap way to decrease weight and fat, also for emerging body power. drinking water before and after exercise is best for health and gives the most energy to do well.


Morning walk helps to decrease fat, reduce body weight, and make more energy. it gives more happiness and freedom from many diseases, empowers the degradation process, and beautifies the body. It increases oxygen flowing into the brain and conducts brain activities accurately. this walking isn't as we walk commonly.

It should be speedily in rising ways. each hand should be imitated in walking as we shall see in soldier walking. doing other things like speaking or hearing songs aren't so best while walking. brains of most aged daily walking persons perform like the brain of a 20 aged young man. this was found from research in persons between 60 and 70 age.


It is the best way to reduce fats in the whole part of the body. it increases muscles in the hands, shoulders, stomach, chest, legs, etc, when we do it from head till legs should be straightened. The nose, chest, and knees should touch the land same time when we go down. sometimes our muscles and nerves will be tight and stiff. so, to make it loose we must do some warm-up exercises like hand rotation and sit up. otherwise, it will be a reason to happen pains in the body. because this is the main exercise carrying a body with hands


It is a method of jumping that helps to lose body weight fast. it also gives more stamina to jump higher and run faster. there are more types of skipping consisting of regular bounce, criss-cross footwork, and double under. the common style of skipping style is holding on to two edges of skipping rope with two hands and rotating it around the body vertically while jumping as we see in the picture below. the rope shouldn't touch any parts of the body.


Running is a good treasure for those who decide to reduce their fat rapidly. when a man runs calories are burned and the fat percentage is decreased.

qualifications of the above exercises are also available in running including lack of heart diseases and fatigue and increasing leg muscles. the rules written in walking are necessary for jogging and doing every day on different paths like soil, sand, water, etc, is best to perform actively.


Playing some games like football, hockey, basketball, and tennis help to reduce weight unknowingly. but, without standing on any side of the ground we should run for the ball and try to score more. that's why we get our goal. because games help to do more exercise. for example, football includes running, walking, jumping, kicking, etc, when we smartly play it we do all of those.

The main advice for who does exercises but fats and weight aren't decreased is:

* Do all-day

* Select a special time

* Focus your mind on exercise and goal

* Do meditation after exercise