Go... Watch The Television..., Let's Laugh, english Jokes

Abhram wants to watch TV. He asked grandma for the TV remote, which was under her control, to reduce his excessive contact with the TV.

Abhram: ''Grandma, I want to watch Tom and Jerry. Give me the remote...''

Grandma: ''No, let's talk about something...''

Abhram nodded in anger and sat down next to grandma for a while. After thinking about something for a bit, Abhram asked the grandma: ''Grandma, will we always be six members? You, me, dad, mom, sister and cat?''

Grandma: ''No, tomorrow, dad will bring a new dog for you, then we will be seven members.''

Abhram: ''But grandma, Dog will eat our cat, then it will be six.''

Grandma: ''No baby, you will get married, then there will be seven.''

Abhram: ''But sister will go away after she gets married. Then there will be six again.''

Grandma: ''Then you will have a son. Then there will be seven.''

Abhram: ''By then, you will be dead. We will be six again.''

Grandma (angrily): ''Go... Go and watch TV.....''