How to make your first night memorable? What should you do on the first night? Answer to all doubts

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Hi Sir,

My name is John Daniel. I am now 26 years old. My wedding will take place next month. I'm in tension right now. Because this is my first experience, and I have never had an opportunity like this before in my life. What should I tell my wife first on the first night, and what should I do? Do I have to have sex on the same day? Can you explain what are the important things we need to do on our first night?


What should you wear on the first night?

Best tips to make your first night memorable and romantic.

What is sex?

What is foreplay?

How to conduct enjoyable sex?

The first night is a blissful moment in our life.

The moment two souls join together who was total strangers before.

The night of assembling happiness and anxiousness.

As Daniel referred above, plenty of people have many doubts and tensions on the first night about what should you do there, what should you wear, what to speak, and how to start it.

Compared to a lot of youth who are waiting for the marriage, it is inevitable to describe here about all facets of first night and sex as well as what was the incorrect you shouldn't do on the first night.

It is a memorable night in life. There is no special history behind it, Despite some changes have in its implementation, It is conducted in all countries and religions

What Should You Wear On The First Night?

Positively, The first night is the first moment both the bride and groom see together and join mutually in peace. Therefore, both should be comfortable and beautiful at that moment. A woman should wear beautiful tight dresses which can show the structure of her body clearly. It may wreck all control of her bridegroom. She will look like an angel when she wears Rigid Sarees, Nylon Night Gown, Classic Bridal Nighty, Black Babby Doll, etc,

The appearance of her full body shape can increase his thirst.

Men should wear attractive dresses which can impress their bride, how long when she sees you she should consider that you are strong and you can bring up her to the blissful world of excessive well-being. Commonly, a woman expects her bridegroom for having more manhood and courage and likes to be a strong and lovely friend. Men can wear such majestic dresses like Kurthas or long shirts or awesome shirts and pants.


*According to psychological researches, men can be attractive and likely by dresses with Blue color or Red color or Black color or Purple color or White color. Because, these colors have many features such as social status, confidence, attention, etc,

*Professor of psychology Andrew Elliot and post-doctoral researcher Daniela Niesta elucidate that the red color makes men more sexual and amorous toward women.

*Scientists demonstrate that the Red color feels more attractive and sexual on both men and women.

What Will You Do On the First Night?

The doubts of all youths are on this topic, on what to do on the first night. Many questions emerge on it. What should we talk to our wife first? do we need to have sex at that moment? Thus more...

Anyway, it is the only moment that happens in our life just once. So, you must make it a memorable moment. I introduce here some special tips to make it a memorable night...

-- Assure The Place Is Most Peaceful

a peaceful place is inevitable for a peaceful meeting. As the thought of Julia Mcnair Wright," THERE CAN BE NO REAL BEAUTY WITHOUT NEATNESS AND ORDER" highlights, the neat and tidy place feels more beautiful on both husband and wife. It is the time the husband and wife present their attentions together and concentrate on each other. There shouldn't have annoying things like loud noises or annoying persons near your room. For that, the best idea is to go on a trip and choose any decorated hotel rooms or resort rooms. If your houseroom is free from those difficulties, no problem with selecting it

You should dazzle your room by decorating with flowers and valuable items and attaching expensive things like the luxury bed, curtains, mirrors, paints, etc, The wedding itself has to cost more :) Then what problem if the first night costs a bit more.

-- Calm Down Your Bride

Although you may be tensed on the first night, your wife will be more tensed and uncomfortable than you. Due to her first meeting with a stranger or a new family, some women may feel scared and dissatisfied. Let her know that you are a good gentleman, you will protect her forever, and tell soothing words. Don't approach her with the decision for having sex at first. It will be a reason for bad comments in your wife about you. You should try to make her happy and make sure she is in comfort and happiness.

--Communicate More Time

Actually, both of you were totally strangers before the marriage. Not only that, you want to know more mutually about your secrets and lives. It is the best time to know and tell all about you. Don't forget to say some jokes to your mate and have fun. You should ask her/him what are the things he/she likes more and unlikes. Both of you should be happier and in a pleasant mood. This is a good deed to be your first night a memory forever.

Whether to have sex on the first night?

Despite the myths, no religions or cultures are insisting to have sex on the first night. It is your wish. Occasionally, you must remember the word of prophet Muhammed (the last prophet of Islam) " DON'T FALL UPON YOUR WIVES AS ANIMALS DO UPON THEIR MATES". If you intend to have sex, you should be patient and controlled. The sex with good starting will be more satisfying and it will last longer and forever. You should start having sex with foreplay. If she doesn't like having sex at that time, don't insist her on it. Instead, try to defeat her with romantic deeds and talks.

The woman should be more sexy and glassy at the moment and allude to her husband by acting or dancing romantically. It will increase the happiness of your husband

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