How To Recover Deleted Messages On What's App Without Particular Apps And Websites

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Did you or someone delete any wanted messages from your what's app?

Are you sad because of that?

Do you want to restore it?

There is nothing to fear!

You can recover your deleted what's app messages within a few minutes without using particular apps or websites!

There are two options to recover deleted messages on What's app.


Uninstall what's App and install again

For that, follow the steps below.

1) uninstall What's app from your smartphone

2) Reinstall it from play store

3) Open What's app and verify your mobile number

After, an option will appear to restore your chats from Google Drive

4) Click 'Restore'

5) Click 'Next'

Now, all your deleted messages appear on What's App!



For that, follow the steps below.

1) Open 'File Manager' or 'My Files'

2) Open 'What's App' folder

3) Open 'Databases'

You can see many folders by date there

4) Press the first folder, and rename it with any names

5) Press the second folder, and rename it with any names

6) Open Settings of your phone

7) Open 'What's App' on 'Manage Apps' or 'Apps'

8) Select 'Clear Data' there or in 'Storage'

9) Open What's App

you can see it as a newly installed What's App. Then, follow the steps referred to in the first option. You will get all your deleted messages before long ago.

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