How to save someone's whatsApp status in our phone (images and videos)

Updated: Apr 27

many people are using WhatsApp for several needs like sharing new messages, seeing the latest facts, renewing new relations, etc... they are experiencing those from individual and group chat, broadcasts, status, and calls. however, the main facts about what's app are unknown in many heads. the major ones from these are described here.

we like to set the beautiful status for attracting the viewers with its clarity and freshness. when we see other's influenceable and heart-touching status we ask them for sending that status. but, there is no need to bug in front of others. the other's status seen by us is widely saved in our storage. for opening that status you should follow the below steps.

;; open file manager

;; open settings or options(three vertical dots)

;; toggle hidden folders

; open folder of whats app now you can see the status in the status folder

you will have not thought it is so much easy. so don't forget to share this helpful information