Husband and wife jokes.... Let's laugh...

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

A wife woke up in the morning and told her husband: I had a dream... you presented me with a diamond necklace this evening when getting back from work.Do you know what that means?

The husband: you will understand it when I get back from work. After he got home from work, he brings a gift to his wife in small box. She felt happy. She opened the box and in it was a book "How to interpret dreams".


Wife: Have you ever heard about the fools who say "no" to whatever they are asked? Husband: no.


A wife says to her husband, "The newcomers next door are a very loving couple. Every day before he goes to work, he gives his wife a kiss. When he returns from work, he brings flowers to the wife. What if you did the same?"

The husband responded, "But I don't know that woman and I'm not sure how she will react to my kisses and giving her flowers."