Which Is The Most Popular Youtube Channel In Kerala?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Karikku, stunning the most growing youtube channel in Kerala, is popular among Malayalis. It is set up officially on 2018 April 1 by Nikhil K Prasad, the founder of Karikku. Now, with 5.13 million subscribers, it is the most subscribed and viewed youtube channel in Kerala.


Nikhil Prasad started Karikku after long research and hardworking. He reveals that

when he had worked as a digital and technical head of Flowers, he had planned for it.

Firstly, he started a Facebook page with the name come out of his mind when he thought the word freshness. This action was to know the responses of the audiences. He named it 'Karikku' and lined 'Feel The Freshness Inside' He started uploading informative stories' videos on the youtube channel. Even though there were fewer people, he kept trying hard. Gradually, people started noticing it, and it got more than two lakh followers within a year. This massive growth gave him more confidence. Then, he resigned from his present job and decided to modify the channel as the best digital media. He adds in his words: 'I was the only writer, director, editor, and cameraman. It is continuing still now without editing'.


On 2018, April 1, Karikku uploaded the first video 'April Fool'- But the audience was less. When Fifa World Cup 2018 began, they examined some comedy videos related to it. Naturally, Malayalis liked its characters, and viewers started to increase. After that, they produced a web series named 'Tera Para'_ the most viewed series in Karikku history. It led them to become prominent. Then, Karikku released the Plus Two Class series, Sketches, and Doosra service.


Karikku earns monthly more than six lakhs and yearly more than 77 lakhs only from youtube. Occasionally, due to longer intervals in video uploading and increases in advertising may change the amount of salary. However, They got 9335th worldwide rank in Social Blade, including 2242nd subscriber rank and 7792 video views rank. In India, it is the 282nd most popular channel.


Nikhil K Prasad- creator of Karikku


34 old

Anu K Aniyan - as George

1993, October 23


Kiran Viyyath - as KK

1994, February 14


Shabareesh - as Lolan

Sajjin Mavelikkara

Jeevan Ma- - as Francis

Maman Stephen

Arjun Ratan - as Brittu


Anand - as Shambu

Mathews Kochi

Binoy John - Shibu


designer of Karikku