What Are The Main Reasons Sugar Destroys Your Health?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Sugar is an essential friend of humans giving more yummy in foods and drinks how long he cannot live without it. It is produced from sugarcane. We know the adage ''Excess nectar is poisonous '' is happened in all things. Yet we don't look it at sugar because of it's core sweet. Here is some unfortunate problems that happen due to sugar all eaters should know.

1: sugar causes cancer

2: sugar increases the zeal to drink wine

3: sugar destroys the pancreas

4: sugar increases suet of liver

5: sugar causes cataract

6: sugar causes diabetes

7: sugar decreases hormones of growth

8: sugar causes varicose vein

9: sugar decreases vision power

10: sugar decreases chromium of the body

11: sugar causes cancer in the bladder

12: sugar increases blood pressure

13: sugar makes excessive character,anxiety, and lack of attention in students

14: sugar makes learning disability

15: sugar decreases good cholesterol needs to body

16: sugar causes breast cancer and uterus cancer

17: sugar increases harmful cholesterol

18: sugar causes heart disease

19: sugar deviates adjustment of mineral properties

20: sugar makes grey hair

21: sugar causes arthritis

22: sugar makes stones in the kidney and bladder

23: sugar makes bone grinding

24: sugar decreases the deeds of enzymes

24: sugar causes Alzheimer's

25: sugar makes constipation

26: sugar decreases the power of immunizations

27: sugar collapses blood vessels