Mother-in-law Questions Daughter-in-law, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

Mother-in-law decides to test her new daughter-in-law.

Mother-in-law: "Suppose you are sitting on a bed, and I come over to you and sit on the bed. What will you do?"

Daughter-in-law: "I will sit on the sofa."

Mother-in-law: "Then, if I also come and sit on the sofa??"

Daughter-in-law: "I will spread a mat on the floor and sit on it."

Mother-in-law continued questioning for fun: "What if I also sit along with you on the mat?''

Daughter-in-law: ''Then I will sit on the ground.''

Mother-in-law: ''What if I too sit on the ground.''

Daughter-in-law: ''Then I will dig a pit and sit in it.''

Mother-in-law: ''And if I come and sit in the pit?''

Daughter-in-law exclaimed: ''Then I will cover the pit with soil and end all troubles there.''

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