My dairy of 90 days No Fap challenge; Introduction; What is No Fap Challenge and what are its pros?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The Unknown

Hi guys,

It isn't fictional.

This s a challenge that I have experienced and completed through thick and thin.

'The 90 days No Fap challenge'

I am an Indian young man who was born into a wealthy family. As a rich, I have my own room, smartphones, personal computer, and, complete privacy. In terms of me, I am an addicted person, would have been immersed in some certain activities that satisfied me like early scientists and scholars. They were in scientific experiments and studies, but I am in pornography, movies, and games. For instance, once I wasted a day of my life watching all series of Money Heist. Some examples I feel awkward to share. So, I don't wish to say.

In spite of such habits, I literally wish to be clean, smart, and free from bad attitudes. Eventually, I found a way from some Youtubers and Google content.


No Fap, in a nutshell, is a challenge for those who greatly need to protect themselves from pornography, semen release, and lustful feeling towards our opposite gender.

It is not really easy and is hard to complete.

Then, why should we complete this biting a bullet?

Cause It has some mind-blowing peculiarities and astonishing results. For instance, having completed this challenge, if you sit along with your opposite gender, you will see her/him only as a friend, not in a lustful form.

Some stunning features of the No Fap are:

1) Free from tension

2) Free from depression

3) Decreasing use of pornography

4) Being smart and active

5) Escaping from meaningless relations

However, I have failed many times in the challenge. Either after a week, or after five days, or after three days of No Fap, I would desire to fulfill my temporary happiness.

But this, I started swearing off that I will complete it. I also would like to share my each day memories with you about how do I complete each day, what am I doing each moment, etc... I will not forget to share my transformation images.

So, Let's go to the first day