Premature ejaculation; realities, causes and expansion

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Hi brothers and sisters 😀😘, Welcome again to bhitchat... Premature ejaculation!!!! This name is not familiar among most of you. But, the deed.. It is common and well experienced in more than fifty percentage of us.. Let's get to know more about premature ejaculation, its symptoms, causes and treatments.

PREMATURE EJACULATION Premature ejaculation (PE) is release of semen happening just before or after beginning of intercourse. It may occur while starting fucking or having foreplay or while unfortunately thinking about it. Premature ejaculation is also known as: 💦Rapid ejaculation 💦Early ejaculation 💦Premature climax HOW MUCH IT IS COMMON Premature ejaculation is a common phenomenon often happens in male and female. Between 30% - 40% men carry this problem. According to USA, between 18-59 old people, one by three of them bear premature ejaculation. It is not something to be afraid. Because, it is more common in the persons who are first or primary in having sex and it will be cured naturally after two or more sex. HOW IT HAPPENS Semen releasing progress is controlled by central nervous system. When you are getting stimulated sexually while doing the actions helping to release semen, your spinal cord and brain get its signals. Then, if you reach a definite level of excitement, the signals are reached to reproductive organs. At the time, the penis ejects semen. Premature ejaculation patients reach this progress quickly. CAUSES Psychological issues Most of mental problems like dippression, guilt, tension and stress are more likely to make rifts in sexual life. The sexual pleasure can be classified into two types. 1) Rapid pleasure 2) Constant pleasure Rapid pleasure is to stimulate your genitals and release the semen fast by masturbating or with the help of a mate. It creates large rifts in sexual life. Constant pleasure is to engage in a long enjoyment with foreplay or control from semen releasing. It is good for health and satisfied sexual life. Likewise, the mentally exhausted people choose the rapid pleasure due to their lack of interest in long sex. It leads to premature ejaculation.

Serotonin Serotonin, also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine is a substance created from amino acid. High amount of serotonin helps to control releasing and engage in long time pleasure. But its low amount causes premature ejaculation. Pornography Researches and studies reveal that porn addiction leads a man/woman to dissatisfaction with their own bodies and makes anxiety while having sex

Porn addicted people likes to remain aroused quickly without waiting for foreplay. If you see hot videos of beautiful girl, you won't be interested in your wife if she is no more beautiful than those women.

Relationship problems

If you are in quarrel with your mate or have post sexual experiences, it is enough to happen rapid ejaculation because of low interest. So, you choose rapid ejaculation instead of long time sex.

Lack of confidence

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