See how I nabbed a fake profile on facebook

Updated: Jan 17

Facebook is the largest of most growing social medias used by more than 2.45 billion world wide users.

It benefits in many things like education, relationships, mutual preconceptions, etc. It also helps for selecting new mates and absconding, disgusting parents and earn money through many ways.

But, why some selects the crooked ways to earn money. I am going to tell an occured event on my facebook which will make you laugh and cry.

I am an active user of Facebook. Many friend requests... I don't know who is real boy and girl there. Once, I joined in a facebook group to know what happens there. But,,,, Many girls.... Priya Bella Lakshmi Sumitra Asking us in posts " anyone ready to come my inbox and sex chat?" Any men will covet when they see such posts.. I did the same... I selected the active member Lakshmi for that...

I messaged " hi" Suddenly, she answered. But, it confused me This was her first message👇👇 " For sex chat : 500 rupees Sex video chat: 1000 rupees" What should I do? It demolished my quench..

After that, I decided to find...who is behind it? Why they want money? I tried it in the new profile "priya" in that group. I nabbed her with my funny skills... You can see those messages from the screenshot photos below.

Be careful from fake facebook profiles... They will ask to pay first, then they won't answer.. Facebook reports that about 3 or 4 percent of its users are fake.... 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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