See how this boy's neck trapped in a rope and dead immideately 😭😭 the carelessness of the related

Hi friends,,,

Here, I have sent a video which shows a boy upon a water drum playing on a rope tied above the gate....

It is only for who have solid mind to see and be controlled... 👇👇

When that poor baby's neck was tightened by a soft rope, no-one there to help and save. We can call it 'hopeless death'😭

At this moment, I am going to explain the carelessness of modern parents towards children and pathetic condition of modern parenting,, first of all, look at this images which may dissatisfy us..👇👇


The modern world witnesses for lot of hurting deeds between children and parents.

FBI statistics reveals that 450 children murdered by their own parents each year in USA... Parents should be aware and attentive to their children all time..

If the child grows up by hurting deeds of parents, the situation between both will be a turbulent and difficult in future...

The time is witness for it....

So, be careful on the children, if you hope a safe future.

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Thank you