What are the states and union territories of India?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

India(Bharat), the second-most populous country, the seventh biggest country, also known as Hindustan is beautiful in culture and nature. It consists of 22 official languages, innumerable unofficial languages, and 6 core religions. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.


German sociologist Max Weber defined the state as a polity that maintains a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence. It exists since the time of monarchy for assigning consumers to deliver rules of administration in whole people. India is the most populous and largest country. So, there are 28 states in it.


1. Andhra Pradesh -Hyderabad

2. Arunachal Pradesh-Itanagar

3. Assam -Dispur

4. Bihar -Patna

5. Chattisgarh -Raipur

6. Goa -Panaji

7. Gujarat -Gandhinagar

8. Haryana -Chandigarh

9. Himachal Pradesh -Shimla

10. Jharkhand -Ranchi

11. Karnataka -Bengaluru (Banglore)

12. Kerala -Thiruvananthapuram

13. Madhya Pradesh -Bhopal

14. Maharashtra -Mumbai

15. Manipur -Imphal

16. Meghalaya -Shillong

17. Mizoram -Aizawl

18. Nagaland -Kohima

19. Odisha -Bhubaneswar

20. Punjab -Chandigarh

21. Rajasthan -Jaipur

22. Sikkim -Gangtok

23. Tamil Nadu -Chennai

24. Telangana -Hyderabad

25. Tripura -Agartala

26. Uttarakhand -Dehradun (Winter)

-Gairsain (Summer)

27. Uttar Pradesh -Lucknow

28. West Bengal -Kolkata


Union Territories

It is a specific administrative sector in the Republic of India. It hasn't a government-like state and controlled by the central government. India has eight union territories.


1. Andaman and Nicobar -Port Blair


2. Chandigarh -Chandigarh

3. Dadra & Nagar haveli and

Daman & Diu -Daman

4. Delhi -New Delhi

5. Jammu & Kashmir -Jammu (Winter)

-Srinagar (Summer)

6. Lakshadweep -Kavaratti

7. Puducherry -Pondicherry

8. Ladakh -Leh