The Honest Priest And Woman, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

A woman was coming back to her country from London on a plane.

She noticed an honest priest sitting next to her.

She cleared her throat and asked: Excuse me, father, would you mind if I ask you a favour?

The priest turned his head to her and said: Yes, my child. What help do you want?


I am on a fence. Father must help me. The problem is that I have carried some illegal gold on my body out of customs' sight. But the customs of our airport will check thoroughly. You are an honest father. They will not mind you anyway. Could you please hide the gold under your cassock?


Sure. I can hide it. But one thing. I haven't ever lied yet, and I will not lie.


They are not going to question you. You look honest.

The plane landed at the next airport. The father got out and reached near customs.

Father, have you hidden something?

One of the customs asked in vain.


From the top of my head to my waist, I have hidden nothing.

Doubted on the strange reply of father, they asked:

Then from the waist down, what do you have?


From the waist down, I have a marvellous instrument that only women can use, and it is pure.

Bursting into laughter, they said:

Go ahead, father, Next