The Lost Plate... Let's Laugh, English Jokes

George went to visit his son Abhram who lives in a city near his job place,

He was shocked..,

A beautiful girl lives along with him.

After talking, they sat down to eat..,

George: "Son, who is this?, Introduce her..,"

Abhram: "Dady, she is my roommate... She is living with me. I know what daddy is thinking. But, there is no physical contact between us. We both have separate rooms.., she lives in the next room. We are only good friends dad..,"

George: "Good thing, son," (speaking in mind: After all this, I reached this age)

The next day, George went back home.

After a week..,

The girl: "Look, my love, the plate we fed your father is missing. It was an expensive plate I got from my friend. I think your father has stolen it."

Abram: "Shut up, are you lying about my father??!!"

The girl: "Ask just once. No one is going to know."

Abram: "Alright."

Abram sent an E-mail to the father..,

" My dear dad, I know you are an honest father. You didn't steal. Yet I am asking: If you have taken it unknowingly, please give it back.., Cause it is her plate gifted from her friend.., Sincerely your beloved son."

The father got the E-mail.

He replied

"Son, if she had been sleeping in her room at least a week, she would find out the plate, cause I had hidden the plate inside her blanket..,

your dad."