The most beneficial English learning What's app groups

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

English became the global language and is considered a power for those who learned it. Now, English is necessary to communicate with overseas people, gain money from abroad, and get jobs even from our native places. So, English can be defined now as a global medium that helps to connect with overseas people and obtain global achievements. Below, I offer you some favorable English What's app groups dedicated by Bhitchat to learn English rapidly through connecting with different people from different countries, religions, cultures, and especially with native English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc...

English learning What's app groups

1) English War group 1

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2) English War group 2

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3) English War group 3

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4) English War group 4

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5) English War group 5

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6) English War group 6

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7) English War group 7

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8) English War group 8

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9) English War group 9

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10) English War group 10

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These groups are dedicated and offered by our website Bhitchat. The main admin is the owner and founder of Bhitchat "Basith Mpng". Our publisher Fahima Beegum is the sub-admin of these groups. Even though, there is a special system in those groups that the more active members there can be admins. Admins may be dismissed as admin through their permanent absence and discouragement.

Group Rules

# Don't send links

# Don't share any kinds of promotional content, even the advertisements of English classes. Because it will be an inspiration to send other promotional content.

# Don't forward dirty and sexual content such as images, videos, texts, documents, etc... which deals with bad and demote messages.

# Don't tease or blame others in the name of religion, color, race, class, gender, place, money, beauty, background, legacy, mistakes, errors, size, etc...

# Don't use other languages without the intention of English teaching or learning.

# Don't message privately to members without their prior permission.

# Don't use dirty and abusive words without the intention of learning English.

# Be active all days by speaking, calling, uploading your knowledge, and learning.

# Obey rules of the groups and words of admins

The certain ways of learning English I offer you for good improvement

I am not a complete English speaker or writer. Being like a native English speaker is literally difficult and needs excessive indulging in this sector. However, I am trying to be like them by using a special method every day. You have to spend one and half hours daily following this method. We can call it the Easy English Method

Easy English Method

Easy English Method is a particular way which helps us to improve our English handling such as communication, writing and professional speaking. You have to spend one hour or one and half hours to continue it. It deals with hearing, reading, memorization, self speaking, and calling. If you follow this method, I swear off that you can be a great speaker and writer within three months. Below, I describe how to handle this method and continue it forever.

1) Reading

Reading English articles, essays, blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc... is the most necessary way of ever to improve our English. Through reading, we can understand the meanings of special words and sentences such as idioms, phrasal verbs, usages, etc... and you can understand the certain ways of using grammar. Easy English Method following beginner should spend the first 15 minutes of one hour in reading. The special tip I tell you that try to choose the content of native English writers from English-speaking countries rather than non-natives. In spite of having a lot of features in reading, our attention should be on the ways of language and grammar usage of the writer. While reading, don't forget to write unknown words, grammatical usages, idioms, etc... The book of American writer Robert Kiyosaki ' RICH DAD POOR DAD' is very useful and easy to understand for beginners.

2) Hearing

Hearing is also one of the most helpful ways to learn English faster. It mainly helps us to understand the talk of others very easily especially of native speakers. The second 15 minutes of an Easy English Method following beginner should be spent in hearing. Hearing English speeches, interviews, announcements, etc... improves our hearing skills. You have to follow some responsibilities while reading.

a) Ensure the speech is of native speakers. Through following their speeches, It is obvious that they are the main resources of good and real English. Nevertheless, the speeches of non-native speakers but globally famous could be considered in your speakers' list. But, the superiority is only for natives.

b) Try to choose the speeches which have subtitles or voice notes along with their texts. Because we can understand some unclear words of the speaker through listening to subtitles or texts along with hearing.

c) Give superiority for speakers of the United Kingdom especially speakers of England and Wales in the speakers' list. Their English is more obvious and can be quickly understood related to other countries.

d) Write special uses, grammatical applications, and certain unknown words of the speaker.

The Youtube channel and Website named English Speeches With Subtitles are very favorable platforms to hear good speeches of celebrities from different countries mainly of English people. They are using big subtitles below speeches. Along with that, you can follow some English entertainment Youtube channels to enjoy and hear.

3) Memorization

Byharting is the heart of English learning. We can't be creative and meaningful speakers or writers without memorizing certain English words, idioms, vocabularies, and phrasal verbs. The third 15 minutes of the Easy English Method should be spent memorizing such unknown uses. In this time, you also have to memorize those you wrote while reading and hearing. You can also use this time to memorize a special amount of phrasal verbs, idioms, and usages as you use to learn 5 phrasal verbs each day. It is scientifically proved that constant memorizing will progress our sense and we can grow quickly memorization through it. Through memorizing innumerable words and usages, we can be emphatic and successful speakers.

4) Self Speaking

Self speaking is an unforgettable way and mandatory. The main problem that discourages English learners is that they read and hear English works but never spend time self speaking. It is the real failure of such people. You should speak for yourself in the last 15 minutes of one hour. We cant speak in front of the public fastly without experiencing self speaking. In this time we could speak in front of a mirror or camera and we can be supposed as we are speaking before an enthusiastic crowd and they are completely indulging in our words. Beyond its oratory aspect, it will give us the courage to stand before a group and cure the social phobia. Self speaking especially gives us a preconception that what will say, which words should be used and through which way we should speak. You have to select easy topics like sports, sports stars, self-introduction, books reviews, film reviews, film stars, etc... for self speaking. According to your long experience, you can enter to thick topics. There is no problem in speaking in front of your relatives and friends instead self speaking.

If you follow these four methods daily, I swear off that you will recognize their good effects within one month. The best time to do the Easy English Method is morning or evening. Both are enthusiastic periods for learners. However, morning has more beneficial features than evening.

These are the methods of beginners. If you have completed three months you seem you have learned more, you have to change the method and the time. you will have to spend one and half hours daily by using 20 minutes for those 4 methods mentioned above. Along with that, the rest of one and a half hours should be used for calling.


Calling is a special way to experience learning. By joining one of our What's app groups, you can access many members who speak different languages. You can call them with their prior permission. You can create new relations, introduce different cultures and facts, know global events through this way along with improving English.