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Today is the 1st of April

April fool day,

Abhram's best friend asked him for help. He loves a blonde girl, but it is only from one side. He wants to propose to her, but he has no guts.

The friend: "Hey, love is burning in my heart. How do I propose to her? Tell me an idea."

Abhram: "Don't worry, an Idea pops into my brain. Today is April fool, you can propose to her. If she says no, tell her 'April fool' instantly. If she agrees with you, you can get along with her."

The friend goes to propose to her.

An hour later,

Abhram, who sits down on a rock nearby his house, sees his best friend comes battered and his shirt torn.

Abhram: "Hey, what happened? did she accept you?"

The best friend (groaning): "As you told me, I proposed to her. She agreed. I was delighted, and she took me into her home.

She told me 'April fool' among her five giant brothers. They surrounded me and hit with their best shot."