The wife and the mixer(mixie), English jokes, Let's laugh

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Once, there was a suspicious husband and his wife living in a spacious village. The skeptic husband would usually go to the city nearby for his official job.

Due to excessive doubt about his wife, he would often call her at work.

He asked his wife every day on call: " Where are you right now?".

She replied: "I am here in our house."

He continued: "Then turn on the mixer(mixie)...".

She switched it on.

Then he said: "Hang in there, Don't go out, Don't let others get in."

It continued all day./

Once, as usual, the husband called her among his job.

But that who attended the call was their child.

Father asked: "Where is the mother?"...

The child replied: " Mother isn't here! She went out to our neighbor Johny's house with our mixer! She forgot to take the phone along!...