This Is What She Wants, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

After 30 years of unsatisfied marriage life, the couple decided to see a therapist for counselling.

Therapist: What is your matter?

As soon as the wife heard this, she started a long speech of miseries:

Loneliness, mutual doubt, lack of intimacy, relationship with other women, feeling unloved, neglect, somniloquy, a heap of clothes to rinse, and so forth

After hearing her spouting, the therapist got up, walked around the table and told her to stand up. As she got up, the therapist hugged her and gave her a long kiss as her husband stared at them, getting shocked.

The wife sat down without any fear.

The therapist: This is what she wants at least twice a week. Can you do this?

The husband, after thinking: Ok, I can drop her off here every Tuesday and Saturday. On other days I am busy.