Updated: Oct 20, 2020

More recently, an astonishing incident that a picture could kill or hurt the smartphone when it would be its wallpaper. The picture hadn't any problems when we looked directly. Then, how it destroys smartphones? who is really behind this?

This is a duplicate view of the picture. An awesome picture. We cannot see any pessimism in it. It was listened to from a tweet of Ice Universe on Twitter. However, some users tried to make it wallpaper, unbelievably it happened.

The link to see it's the real image:

The phone won't damage if it is got from a screenshot or when it is iPhones and other special phones.


The reason is its color. We may often think, without such brain like man how a smartphone performs smarter. In a small example, how a phone knows fast when we touch in it, how it responds often faster than a man without anyone's help. The actions of mobile phones are in some settings. All things in it are set by developers. It has some of its own laws. These laws have also be loaded in image settings. For example, when the blue color has appeared in a special shape the phone can identify it in the sky. the basis of all colors is RGB, the smartphone can identify sRGB color space including many types of colors. But, the mode of some colors in that picture isn't from sRGB. it is made by ProPhoto RGB color space how it isn't included in more smartphones. So, when some unknown and unset colors appear on the screen phone will be harmed.

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