Who is the most beautiful woman in the present world?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Has the most beautiful woman on the earth been found?

Many of us may have probably thought that our lover is the most beautiful of ever or the most glamorous woman alive in our place.

Actually, not.

The Miss world rank isn't given just because of beauty. Along with beauty, It needs intelligence and smart skil[ls in speaking, behaving, walking, etc.

According to the mathematics formula of ancient Greek to determine the real beautiful persons, the American model Bella Hadid got approximate closeness to it. This formula known as the Golden Ratio Of Beauty Phi was tested on many bodies. But, 23 old Bella won 94.35% accuracy to Phi. The test was conducted by Dr. Julian De Silva, the London facial cosmetic surgeon. Her eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, and other organs were the closest of others to the ratio.

Isabella Khair Hadid(Bella Hadid) is an American model who won model of the year in 2016 by model.com professionals. She was born on October 9, 1996, in Washington DC as the second daughter of real-estate developer Mohammed Hadid and model Yolanda Hadid. Her older sister Gigi Hadid is also a model. Bella Hadid is also the model of the globally renowned fashion and beauty brand Victoria's Secret.

In the measurement, American singer pop diva Beyonce won second place with a 92.44 percent ratio followed by actress Amber Heard with a 91.85 percent ratio and Ariana Grande with a 91.85 percent ratio