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  • This Is What She Wants, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    After 30 years of unsatisfied marriage life, the couple decided to see a therapist for counselling. Therapist: What is your matter? As soon as the wife heard this, she started a long speech of miseries: Loneliness, mutual doubt, lack of intimacy, relationship with other women, feeling unloved, neglect, somniloquy, a heap of clothes to rinse, and so forth After hearing her spouting, the therapist got up, walked around the table and told her to stand up. As she got up, the therapist hugged her and gave her a long kiss as her husband stared at them, getting shocked. The wife sat down without any fear. The therapist: This is what she wants at least twice a week. Can you do this? The husband, after thinking: Ok, I can drop her off here every Tuesday and Saturday. On other days I am busy.

  • The Honest Priest And Woman, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    A woman was coming back to her country from London on a plane. She noticed an honest priest sitting next to her. She cleared her throat and asked: Excuse me, father, would you mind if I ask you a favour? The priest turned his head to her and said: Yes, my child. What help do you want? Woman: I am on a fence. Father must help me. The problem is that I have carried some illegal gold on my body out of customs' sight. But the customs of our airport will check thoroughly. You are an honest father. They will not mind you anyway. Could you please hide the gold under your cassock? Priest: Sure. I can hide it. But one thing. I haven't ever lied yet, and I will not lie. Woman: They are not going to question you. You look honest. The plane landed at the next airport. The father got out and reached near customs. Father, have you hidden something? One of the customs asked in vain. Father From the top of my head to my waist, I have hidden nothing. Doubted on the strange reply of father, they asked: Then from the waist down, what do you have? Father From the waist down, I have a marvellous instrument that only women can use, and it is pure. Bursting into laughter, they said: Go ahead, father, Next

  • Why Are You So Late? Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    The girls came to the classroom late. The teacher: Why are you so late? The girl: Because a boy followed me The teacher: But in such situations, girls usually reach school early The girl: But, the boy was walking slowly

  • Husband And Wife Funny Short Jokes, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Husband: I don't want to be with you Wife: you used to say before, I am the queen of your dream Husband: Now, I am awake Husband calls wife from office in the night: Honey, what is there to eat? Wife in angry: poison Husband: I will be late. You eat and sleep. The wife came from London 3 years later. From the airport, the wife to the husband: Hey, why are you so sad? Look at that couple they both are so happy. The husband: Because he came here to send off his wife

  • Dead Dog Infront of Enemy's House Door, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    One day, a wayfarer was walking down the road near the house of his main enemy when he sees a dog dead infront of his house door. The wayfarer goes into that house and rings doorbell. The householder opens the door. Wayfarer: Didn't you see a dog lying down dead here? And yet why don't you even mind it. Householder(angrily): So what? What should I do? Don't interfere in my affairs. This house is mine. not yours. Wayfarer: I know. This is not my home. but isn't it my responsibility to inform family and relatives of the dog about it.

  • The convict is boy

    When a girl vomits, the mother asks: "Who the hell did it to you?" When a boy vomits, the mother asks: "Did you drink today?" What ca we understand from this? When a girl vomits or a boy vomits, the convict is boy.

  • The Proposal On April Fool Day, Let's Laugh, English Jokes...

    Today is the 1st of April April fool day, Abhram's best friend asked him for help. He loves a blonde girl, but it is only from one side. He wants to propose to her, but he has no guts. The friend: "Hey, love is burning in my heart. How do I propose to her? Tell me an idea." Abhram: "Don't worry, an Idea pops into my brain. Today is April fool, you can propose to her. If she says no, tell her 'April fool' instantly. If she agrees with you, you can get along with her." The friend goes to propose to her. An hour later, Abhram, who sits down on a rock nearby his house, sees his best friend comes battered and his shirt torn. Abhram: "Hey, what happened? did she accept you?" The best friend (groaning): "As you told me, I proposed to her. She agreed. I was delighted, and she took me into her home. She told me 'April fool' among her five giant brothers. They surrounded me and hit with their best shot."

  • Go... Watch The Television..., Let's Laugh, english Jokes

    Abhram wants to watch TV. He asked grandma for the TV remote, which was under her control, to reduce his excessive contact with the TV. Abhram: ''Grandma, I want to watch Tom and Jerry. Give me the remote...'' Grandma: ''No, let's talk about something...'' Abhram nodded in anger and sat down next to grandma for a while. After thinking about something for a bit, Abhram asked the grandma: ''Grandma, will we always be six members? You, me, dad, mom, sister and cat?'' Grandma: ''No, tomorrow, dad will bring a new dog for you, then we will be seven members.'' Abhram: ''But grandma, Dog will eat our cat, then it will be six.'' Grandma: ''No baby, you will get married, then there will be seven.'' Abhram: ''But sister will go away after she gets married. Then there will be six again.'' Grandma: ''Then you will have a son. Then there will be seven.'' Abhram: ''By then, you will be dead. We will be six again.'' Grandma (angrily): ''Go... Go and watch TV.....''

  • Mother-in-law Questions Daughter-in-law, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Mother-in-law decides to test her new daughter-in-law. Mother-in-law: "Suppose you are sitting on a bed, and I come over to you and sit on the bed. What will you do?" Daughter-in-law: "I will sit on the sofa." Mother-in-law: "Then, if I also come and sit on the sofa??" Daughter-in-law: "I will spread a mat on the floor and sit on it." Mother-in-law continued questioning for fun: "What if I also sit along with you on the mat?'' Daughter-in-law: ''Then I will sit on the ground.'' Mother-in-law: ''What if I too sit on the ground.'' Daughter-in-law: ''Then I will dig a pit and sit in it.'' Mother-in-law: ''And if I come and sit in the pit?'' Daughter-in-law exclaimed: ''Then I will cover the pit with soil and end all troubles there.''

  • I Will Marry A Brave And Brilliant Man

    Woman: "I will marry only a brave and brilliant man." Man: "I was the one who rescued you from the river." Woman: "But that doesn't mean you should be brilliant." Man: "But the one who threw you into the river was me."

  • I have a Benz Car, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Attorney: "So, Abhram, I should argue for you. Isn't it?" Abhram: "Yes, sir..." Attorney: "How much will you pay in fees if I argue?" Abhram: "But sir, I am a haven't. I have nothing to pay. But I have a Benz car." Attorney: "Well, you can sell it and pay me." Abhram: "Of course, sir..." Attorney: "Okay. What is your case?" Abhram: "the case is that I stole a Benz car"

  • A Young Blonde Girl Will Come To Your Life! let's Laugh, English Jokes

    A frog comes over to an astrologer and asks: "Will there ever another woman come to my life?" The astrologer closes his eyes and whispers something in his mind. After a while of thinking, the astrologer: "Indeed, a young blonde girl will come to your life soon to see your heart and know more about you." The frog happily: "Truth!??. Where will I find out about her? How will we meet together? The astrologer: "Next year, from her biology class...

  • Please Leave Me Alone, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    It was the judgment day of a criminal who killed his father and mother. In court, the judge asks him: "Do you have something to say?" The criminal(crying): "I am an orphan without a father and mother. Please leave me alone."

  • Don't be afraid... Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Two terrorists were traveling in a car with bombs. A terrorist to the driver: "please drive fast. This bomb will explode anytime," The reply of the driver: "Don't be afraid...there is another spare bomb in the back door,"

  • The Lost Plate... Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    George went to visit his son Abhram who lives in a city near his job place, He was shocked.., A beautiful girl lives along with him. After talking, they sat down to eat.., George: "Son, who is this?, Introduce her..," Abhram: "Dady, she is my roommate... She is living with me. I know what daddy is thinking. But, there is no physical contact between us. We both have separate rooms.., she lives in the next room. We are only good friends dad..," George: "Good thing, son," (speaking in mind: After all this, I reached this age) The next day, George went back home. After a week.., The girl: "Look, my love, the plate we fed your father is missing. It was an expensive plate I got from my friend. I think your father has stolen it." Abram: "Shut up, are you lying about my father??!!" The girl: "Ask just once. No one is going to know." Abram: "Alright." Abram sent an E-mail to the father.., " My dear dad, I know you are an honest father. You didn't steal. Yet I am asking: If you have taken it unknowingly, please give it back.., Cause it is her plate gifted from her friend.., Sincerely your beloved son." The father got the E-mail. He replied "Son, if she had been sleeping in her room at least a week, she would find out the plate, cause I had hidden the plate inside her blanket.., your dad."

  • I want to pee..., Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    On a Sunday, little Abhram and his mother go to a Church. While praying in the Church, little Abhram asked the mother "Mom, I wanna pee..." Mom says, rolling her eyes: "Don't say the word 'pee' from such a holy place. From now, whenever you want to pee while in the Church, say 'I want to whisper' instead of 'I want to pee...'" The following Sunday, little Abhram goes to the Church with his father. While praying, he wants to pee. He asks father: "Dad, I want to whisper." The father turns to him and frowns. Then says, lowering his head: "Okay, whisper in my ear." Guess the rest,

  • Football Dream, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Abram went to doctor. The doctor: What's your illness? Abram: I dream of playing football every night. How can I get rid of this problem? The doctor: I will heal it now. Just eat this pill. You aren't going to dream anymore. Abram: I shall eat tomorrow The doctor: Why??? Abram: Anyway I have seen it every night. Tonight is final.

  • Can I go to the restroom? Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Abram was in the classroom and he needed to use the restroom. Abram asks the teacher, " Teacher can I go to the restroom?" The teacher figured Abram just wanted to get out of class because he didn't want to learn about the alphabet. The teacher said. "Abram you can go as soon as you recite the ABC's". Abram said, " abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxy and z. Now I said my ABC's, please won't you let me use the restroom?" The teacher said, " Wait a minute Abram, where is the P?" Abram said, " it's running down my leg now!"

  • Tell... Who am I? Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Once, George who works in abroad decides to give a surprise to his wife Sophia. Come home without informing and surprise her. To give the unexpected surprise he gets home. Sophia was cooking dishes. He comes over behind her slowly and hugs and asks her in rough and indistinct voice "Tell... Who am I?" Sophia thinks a second and says with a laugh: "I know it is milkman Thomas" "How?" George growls angrily "Oh, if not Thomas, then it will be the paper-boy John" Says Sophia again "How?" George again growls angrily "Oh! Now I found out. Today is Monday. you will be house owner Samuel"

  • Please Go Slow, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Abhram was riding bike along with girlfriend. The girlfriend: OMG! Please just go slow.. Abhram: Don't be afraid. Just sit with your eyes closed like me.. :)

  • Cabaret dance, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Abhram went out with friends to see cabaret dance. As he returned after the event, The mother: Did you see something you shouldn't see? Abhram: I saw father there

  • Official Trip, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    The young husband and wife quarrelled each other.. Terrible fight... Noone tented to back off.... Finally each of them decided to not speak each other yet anymore... The days dragged on... Then, they decided to write notes instead of speaking... They would write a note, if they had to speak anything.. Once, the husband had to go an official trip... He wrote a note to her " I have an official trip tomorrow. You should wake me up at 5 AM" Next day, he woke up at 8 o'clock with an angry and sad face... And read her note on his table where was written "Wake up, it is five o'clock, did you forget the trip"

  • Will he lend me, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    Abram visited an astrologer... "Past, present, future, all I predict... Welcome..." Said the astrologer "I am flat broke. I need some money. I am going to borrow from a man. Will he lend me." Asked Abhram Astrologer said: yes, you will definitely get. Abhram immediately: "Give me a 500 then..."

  • Soldier George, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    George was an extreme stupid... He decided to join the army... On the military practicing ground, Trainer suffered a lot to practice him. Trainer handed a rifle to George for firing. "Which is its front? Where should I hold to for firing?" Asked George The trainer: "It will benefit our country, wherever you hold and shoot"

  • Honesty is great, Let's laugh, English Jokes

    John decided to sell his cows. he advertised in social media... Two days later, a man visited him to buy a cow. He entered John's cow farm. Holding on a cow's horn, the man asked: How much does it cost? John: 300 dollar. It gives birth once every four years. To know about next cow, he moves on to it. Rubbing it's stomach, he asked again: How much would it cost? John: 200 dollar. It gives birth once every year. The man curiously: Hey pal, why do you say only 200 for the good looking cow who gives birth every year and 300 for a worst cow who gives birth only once in four years? John with a honest smile: Honesty is greater than physical quality

  • Extreme Psycho, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    The psycho: "if you tell what is in my box, I will give you the burger in it" The extreme psycho: "I think it is a Sandwich..." The psycho travels on a bus... Conductor: "if you don't hold on the handle tight, you will not get balance" The psycho: "Bastard, if I even hold on handle or don't, I will not let off you without giving my balance back"

  • You Bought Me Jewelry

    One morning, after a long sleep, The wife to her husband "Yesterday I dreamt of you buying me a lot of jewelry and wearing me" The husband " I also dreamt of your father paying it's bill"

  • I don't know, Let's Laugh, English Jokes

    The English class is moving on... The teacher to sleepy Abram: "Which is the word students use the most in classroom" Abram: "I don't know sir" Teacher: "Correct answer"

  • She Found it... Let's laugh, English Jokes

    He lost hundred dollar... His wife found it after a long search... He gave a lovely kiss... He lost his identity card... The wife found it after a long search... He gave a romantic kiss... He lost his Facebook password... The wife searched and foundagain... This time, he didn't give any kiss... Instead... She gave slap and kick...


    During English class period, Teacher: "I AM MARRIED" convert it into future tense... Abram: TEACHER BECAME PREGNANT Once Abram donated his blood to a pregnant woman after delivery. As he left the hospital, he saw her anxious husband waiting for results. Abram said: Take good care of my blood Abram on the airplane, He went to the cockpit(pilots' seat) in vain and took the headphone from a pilot's hear, The pilot: What the f*** you are doing? Give it back... Abram: Stop hearing songs and drive carefully


    Abram is walking down the forest alone speaking to his girlfriend over the phone. Suddenly a loud voice... He walks to where he heard the sound... Yes, there is a psychopath standing by a well saying loudly: "Five... Five...Five...Five...Five..." "Hey pal,... What are you crying about? What happened?..." asks Abram curiously "Yes, come here, take a look at this, A big miracle" answers the psychopath Abram walks towards the well and takes a look... The psychopath throws him into the well... Then continues repeating: Six... Six... Six... Six... Six...


    Once a stingy rich man was standing in the house yard along with a bodyguard. The beggar came up to him with a bucket. "Please chip your great valuable donations in the bucket" Beggar says He picks up a one-dollar note and gives it away "How can you give a bit despite having more than enough money" The beggar says "I am a bit flat broke right now" The stingy rich man lies Eventually, his bodyguard holds out a fifty dollars note towards the rich man He gives it away to the beggar The beggar happily returned. He jokingly tells the bodyguard: Helping others so is good. Try always to give huge donations as you gave now. Bodyguard in surprise: When gave? Who gave?! Rich man: Didn't you give them fifty dollars away? Such donations..... Bodyguard: I donated nothing!! When you took 1 dollar out of your pocket, a fifty dollars note fell below with it. I picked it up and gave you.


    It is the first class of teacher Sophia's life. To expose her humor sense, she orders the students: " Everyone who thinks he is stupid, stand up" Noone stands... Long silence... After a while, Abram stands up. "Eventually, one boy admitted he is stupid" Said the teacher laughing out loudly Abram "I can't bear when the teacher stands alone"


    Once, Abram was walking down the street Meanwhile, his best friend sits at the bus stop with a worn-out face. "What happened" Asked Abhram anxiously "Today's my worst day. My phone was fallen in the water. It's not working now" The friend said sadly Abram put the phone to his lips and sucked taking his all powers. Then he switched the phone on. "It is okay now" Abram said The friend was shocked and admired him very much. "Actually, where did the phone fall in?" Asked Abhram curiously. The friend: I was playing free fire while pooping. When I got shot, it fell in the toilet.

  • Running Race Joke, let's laugh, English Jokes

    The running race is on. Announcer: one, two, three.. start. Everyone ran except one. Announcer: why don't you run? He: my number is four..

  • I am God, Let's laugh, English Jokes

    Naughty Abram came house happy. The mother asked: Why are you so happy? Abram: Nothing mam, our neighbours see me as a god Mother: Really? Why? Abram: When I got into their house, they were saying "O my god, have you come back again?""

  • The psycho 3, Let's laugh, English jokes

    Two mental patients, John and Abhram are stuck on the sixth floor of a burning mental hospital. Beneath the building, fire servicers spread a large blanket and tell them: jump into the blanket. We have hold it. John jumps first: But unfortunately the blanket flies away from their hand because of wind. John falls in the ground. Fire servicers say to Abhram: jump, this time we have hold tight. Abhram: I don't trust you.. lay the blanket on the ground and stay away, I shall jump my own!

  • You are going to die!! Let's laugh! English Jokes

    It was 1870 and two cowboy's are riding hard across the Arizona desert. Frank said " Billy, I have to stop. Them beans we ate earlier aren't agreeing with me." They pulled up the horses and while Billy lay back taking a short nap, Frank looked for a bush to get behind to relieve his hurting belly. Frank crouched down but didn't notice the rattle snake. All of the sudden Frank yelled, "Billy, I've been bit!" Billy ran over and asked what was wrong. Frank said a rattle snake bit him on the right cheek of his buttocks. Billy told Frank there was a town just ahead with a doctor but Frank said he couldn't sit in the saddle like this. So Billy rode into town and asked the doctor what to do with a rattle snake bite. The doctor said to take a knife and make two incisions on both sides of the bite and suck the poison out, making sure to spit the poison out of his mouth. Billy rode back to his partner, who was still laying on his side with his pants around his ankles. Billy saw the bite on Frank's buttocks and sighed. Frank asked, " What did the doctor say?". Billy took one more look and said, "The doctor said you're gonna die!"

  • What gift should I bring for you from London??? Let's Laugh, English Jokes.

    The wife goes to London for job needs. She asked the husband: What gift should I bring for you from London? He said jokingly: will you bring a British girl from there. The wife: Okay After a month, she gets back to home The husband: Where is the gift for me The wife: Wait nine months

  • I don't trust you... Let's laugh, English war

    John and Abhram are stuck on the sixth floor of a burning building. Beneath the building, fire servicers spread a large blanket and tell them: jump into the blanket. We have hold it. John jumps first: But unfortunately the blanket flies out of their hand because of wind. John falls to the ground. Fire servicers say to Abhram: jump, this time we have hold tight. Abhram: I don't trust you.. lay the blanket on the ground and stay away

  • Husband and wife jokes.... Let's laugh...

    A wife woke up in the morning and told her husband: I had a dream... you presented me with a diamond necklace this evening when getting back from work.Do you know what that means? The husband: you will understand it when I get back from work. After he got home from work, he brings a gift to his wife in small box. She felt happy. She opened the box and in it was a book "How to interpret dreams". Wife: Have you ever heard about the fools who say "no" to whatever they are asked? Husband: no. A wife says to her husband, "The newcomers next door are a very loving couple. Every day before he goes to work, he gives his wife a kiss. When he returns from work, he brings flowers to the wife. What if you did the same?" The husband responded, "But I don't know that woman and I'm not sure how she will react to my kisses and giving her flowers."

  • Don't say what is ADML anymore then. What is ADML

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  • The psycho-2; English jokes, Let's laugh!

    In a mental hospital, a patient saved another person who was trying to commit suicide from the pool. The doctor heard the news. The doctor was happy to hear this. He called the savior patient to the room and said: " Thanks very much! This is enough to know you have overcome your mental illness. You can go home and live happily with your family. But sadly, he hanged himself yesterday on the roof of the hospital." The patient said: " No, he didn't. I was hanging him up in order to dry."

  • What a change!!. English Jokes, Let's laugh.

    Naughty Abram and his mother were watching her old wedding video album. Bram asked: "mom, who is this stylish and beautiful man standing with you?" Mom: " that's your father!" Bram shouted(pointing to the father watching along with them): "so who is this old, bald bastard?"

  • The psycho; English jokes. Let's laugh,

    In a big mental hospital, the chief doctor and his colleagues decided to have a competition for crazy patience. The doctor proclaimed: "patience, tomorrow we are conducting a competition for you. Those who win in the competition can leave the hospital and live happily. Those who fail have to live here forever..." The crazy persons became happy, and they started practicing a variety of arts and sports. Thus, the competition day came. But the competition was a different one! There is a deep pool but no water! The doctor said to the first competitor to jump. He diligently dived in to pool. He sustained critical injuries in the head and the hands. The volunteers picked him up and transferred him to the treatment room. The doctor said to the second competitor to jump. The second competitor also jumped. He got injuries and had his arms and legs broken. The volunteers picked him up and transferred him to the treatment room. The doctor said to the third competitor to jump. But he refused. He repeated again and again. He didn't jump. Then, the doctor said: " Great, you are the winner. You have overcome your mental illness. You can go home and live happily with your family. The doctor asked again....., " Why didn't you jump into the pool?" He said: " Because I don't know how to swim!"

  • The wife and the mixer(mixie), English jokes, Let's laugh

    Once, there was a suspicious husband and his wife living in a spacious village. The skeptic husband would usually go to the city nearby for his official job. Due to excessive doubt about his wife, he would often call her at work. He asked his wife every day on call: " Where are you right now?". She replied: "I am here in our house." He continued: "Then turn on the mixer(mixie)...". She switched it on. Then he said: "Hang in there, Don't go out, Don't let others get in." It continued all day./ Once, as usual, the husband called her among his job. But that who attended the call was their child. Father asked: "Where is the mother?"... The child replied: " Mother isn't here! She went out to our neighbor Johny's house with our mixer! She forgot to take the phone along!...

  • 5 paisa Biriyani-challenge ended up in restaurant closure. A restaurant in Tamil Nadu was closed due

    5 paisa Biriyani-challenge ended up in restaurant closure. A restaurant in Tamil Nadu(a state of India) was closed due to an odd challenge The story of 5 paise (an old coin of Indian currency and not valid now) Biriyani Challenge occurred in Madurai, Tamil Nadu (a state in India) Akshaya Prabhu, The owner of Suganya's Biriyani advertised a giveaway of Biriyani packs in connection with the inaugural function of his restaurant. But there was a condition, People who need Biriyani should pay five paise for each pack. Akshaya Prabhu is a numismatic and antique collector. He implied the challenge as an encouragement for antique collectors. The five paise, the old Indian currency is no longer in use here and that's why Akshaya Prabhu thought that five paise wouldn't have been in anyone's pocket. On the inaugural day, they prepared to wait on those who bring five paise only with fifty packs of Biriyani. Although the arrival of very few people with five paise, in the beginning, made them happy, they hadn't thought of the situation would get out of their hands. A lot of people stand in front of the restaurant happily with five paise, especially the beggars. The owner was sweating. The situation led him to collect more Biriyani packs and satisfy them. But the overflow of countless people brought him down and he gave up the distribution. Because the crowd gathered together breaking the covid protocol, police officers took over and closed the restaurant. The restaurant 'Suganya's Biriyani was his second hotel.

  • Put up with: meaning in English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, and Urdu with examples. Phrasal verb

    Put up with Tolerate or endure or condone something Example:- 1) I have been putting up with his weird treatment for a long time 2) Cristiano is prepared to put up with any tough situations throughout his life Malayalam meaning of 'put up with': ക്ഷമിക്കുക Hindi meaning of 'put up with': सहन करना Urdu meaning of 'put up with': برداشت کرنا The Arabic meaning of 'put up with': تحمل

  • My dairy of 90 days No Fap challenge; Introduction; What is No Fap Challenge and what are its pros?

    The Unknown Hi guys, It isn't fictional. This s a challenge that I have experienced and completed through thick and thin. 'The 90 days No Fap challenge' I am an Indian young man who was born into a wealthy family. As a rich, I have my own room, smartphones, personal computer, and, complete privacy. In terms of me, I am an addicted person, would have been immersed in some certain activities that satisfied me like early scientists and scholars. They were in scientific experiments and studies, but I am in pornography, movies, and games. For instance, once I wasted a day of my life watching all series of Money Heist. Some examples I feel awkward to share. So, I don't wish to say. In spite of such habits, I literally wish to be clean, smart, and free from bad attitudes. Eventually, I found a way from some Youtubers and Google content. 'NO FAP CHALLENGE' No Fap, in a nutshell, is a challenge for those who greatly need to protect themselves from pornography, semen release, and lustful feeling towards our opposite gender. It is not really easy and is hard to complete. Then, why should we complete this biting a bullet? Cause It has some mind-blowing peculiarities and astonishing results. For instance, having completed this challenge, if you sit along with your opposite gender, you will see her/him only as a friend, not in a lustful form. Some stunning features of the No Fap are: 1) Free from tension 2) Free from depression 3) Decreasing use of pornography 4) Being smart and active 5) Escaping from meaningless relations However, I have failed many times in the challenge. Either after a week, or after five days, or after three days of No Fap, I would desire to fulfill my temporary happiness. But this, I started swearing off that I will complete it. I also would like to share my each day memories with you about how do I complete each day, what am I doing each moment, etc... I will not forget to share my transformation images. So, Let's go to the first day

  • The most beneficial English learning What's app groups

    English became the global language and is considered a power for those who learned it. Now, English is necessary to communicate with overseas people, gain money from abroad, and get jobs even from our native places. So, English can be defined now as a global medium that helps to connect with overseas people and obtain global achievements. Below, I offer you some favorable English What's app groups dedicated by Bhitchat to learn English rapidly through connecting with different people from different countries, religions, cultures, and especially with native English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc... English learning What's app groups 1) English War group 1 Click the link below to join 2) English War group 2 Click the link below to join the group 3) English War group 3 Click the link below to join 4) English War group 4 Click the link below to join 5) English War group 5 Click the link below to join 6) English War group 6 Click the link below to join 7) English War group 7 Click the link below to join 8) English War group 8 Click the link below to join 9) English War group 9 Click the link below to join 10) English War group 10 Click the link below to join Admins These groups are dedicated and offered by our website Bhitchat. The main admin is the owner and founder of Bhitchat "Basith Mpng". Our publisher Fahima Beegum is the sub-admin of these groups. Even though, there is a special system in those groups that the more active members there can be admins. Admins may be dismissed as admin through their permanent absence and discouragement. Group Rules # Don't send links # Don't share any kinds of promotional content, even the advertisements of English classes. Because it will be an inspiration to send other promotional content. # Don't forward dirty and sexual content such as images, videos, texts, documents, etc... which deals with bad and demote messages. # Don't tease or blame others in the name of religion, color, race, class, gender, place, money, beauty, background, legacy, mistakes, errors, size, etc... # Don't use other languages without the intention of English teaching or learning. # Don't message privately to members without their prior permission. # Don't use dirty and abusive words without the intention of learning English. # Be active all days by speaking, calling, uploading your knowledge, and learning. # Obey rules of the groups and words of admins The certain ways of learning English I offer you for good improvement I am not a complete English speaker or writer. Being like a native English speaker is literally difficult and needs excessive indulging in this sector. However, I am trying to be like them by using a special method every day. You have to spend one and half hours daily following this method. We can call it the Easy English Method Easy English Method Easy English Method is a particular way which helps us to improve our English handling such as communication, writing and professional speaking. You have to spend one hour or one and half hours to continue it. It deals with hearing, reading, memorization, self speaking, and calling. If you follow this method, I swear off that you can be a great speaker and writer within three months. Below, I describe how to handle this method and continue it forever. 1) Reading Reading English articles, essays, blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc... is the most necessary way of ever to improve our English. Through reading, we can understand the meanings of special words and sentences such as idioms, phrasal verbs, usages, etc... and you can understand the certain ways of using grammar. Easy English Method following beginner should spend the first 15 minutes of one hour in reading. The special tip I tell you that try to choose the content of native English writers from English-speaking countries rather than non-natives. In spite of having a lot of features in reading, our attention should be on the ways of language and grammar usage of the writer. While reading, don't forget to write unknown words, grammatical usages, idioms, etc... The book of American writer Robert Kiyosaki ' RICH DAD POOR DAD' is very useful and easy to understand for beginners. 2) Hearing Hearing is also one of the most helpful ways to learn English faster. It mainly helps us to understand the talk of others very easily especially of native speakers. The second 15 minutes of an Easy English Method following beginner should be spent in hearing. Hearing English speeches, interviews, announcements, etc... improves our hearing skills. You have to follow some responsibilities while reading. a) Ensure the speech is of native speakers. Through following their speeches, It is obvious that they are the main resources of good and real English. Nevertheless, the speeches of non-native speakers but globally famous could be considered in your speakers' list. But, the superiority is only for natives. b) Try to choose the speeches which have subtitles or voice notes along with their texts. Because we can understand some unclear words of the speaker through listening to subtitles or texts along with hearing. c) Give superiority for speakers of the United Kingdom especially speakers of England and Wales in the speakers' list. Their English is more obvious and can be quickly understood related to other countries. d) Write special uses, grammatical applications, and certain unknown words of the speaker. The Youtube channel and Website named English Speeches With Subtitles are very favorable platforms to hear good speeches of celebrities from different countries mainly of English people. They are using big subtitles below speeches. Along with that, you can follow some English entertainment Youtube channels to enjoy and hear. 3) Memorization Byharting is the heart of English learning. We can't be creative and meaningful speakers or writers without memorizing certain English words, idioms, vocabularies, and phrasal verbs. The third 15 minutes of the Easy English Method should be spent memorizing such unknown uses. In this time, you also have to memorize those you wrote while reading and hearing. You can also use this time to memorize a special amount of phrasal verbs, idioms, and usages as you use to learn 5 phrasal verbs each day. It is scientifically proved that constant memorizing will progress our sense and we can grow quickly memorization through it. Through memorizing innumerable words and usages, we can be emphatic and successful speakers. 4) Self Speaking Self speaking is an unforgettable way and mandatory. The main problem that discourages English learners is that they read and hear English works but never spend time self speaking. It is the real failure of such people. You should speak for yourself in the last 15 minutes of one hour. We cant speak in front of the public fastly without experiencing self speaking. In this time we could speak in front of a mirror or camera and we can be supposed as we are speaking before an enthusiastic crowd and they are completely indulging in our words. Beyond its oratory aspect, it will give us the courage to stand before a group and cure the social phobia. Self speaking especially gives us a preconception that what will say, which words should be used and through which way we should speak. You have to select easy topics like sports, sports stars, self-introduction, books reviews, film reviews, film stars, etc... for self speaking. According to your long experience, you can enter to thick topics. There is no problem in speaking in front of your relatives and friends instead self speaking. If you follow these four methods daily, I swear off that you will recognize their good effects within one month. The best time to do the Easy English Method is morning or evening. Both are enthusiastic periods for learners. However, morning has more beneficial features than evening. These are the methods of beginners. If you have completed three months you seem you have learned more, you have to change the method and the time. you will have to spend one and half hours daily by using 20 minutes for those 4 methods mentioned above. Along with that, the rest of one and a half hours should be used for calling. Calling Calling is a special way to experience learning. By joining one of our What's app groups, you can access many members who speak different languages. You can call them with their prior permission. You can create new relations, introduce different cultures and facts, know global events through this way along with improving English.